Welcome to Nevada State Business Council

During the past couple of decades Nevada has been seen as a desirable place to situate one’s business. With no state income tax, low regulation, port of entry status, the ease of forming a corporation and its strategic location to major markets in the Western United States it doesn’t take long to see why Nevada gets strong consideration by many. In response to this situation, the Nevada State Business Council (aka Nevada SBC) was formed to assist established, local firms connect to new firms that are moving in, so these new firms can take advantage of the many, superior products and services that are offered locally.

Firms and individuals who are new to our area come with a limited knowledge base about who to enlist for the supportive products and services they need to get started and keep up with the future needs of their companies and/or families. The goal for the Nevada SBC is to help new, incoming businesses and individuals find firms that can help them by delivering the products and services they will need in order to get their businesses and families up to speed quickly.

Nevada SBC is aware that the right solution to a problem happens most often when the right referral is put into place. Nevada SBC is committed to be the gateway to the results everyone wants in the shortest possible search time. While it is impossible to address every situation, we feel our members’ 100+ combined years of presence in the Nevada community give us a unique edge in finding solutions that others can only talk about. If you or your firm needs to find firms that can solve problems or streamline your applications, it’s a safe bet to start with the Nevada State Business Council. In short, we will find you what you need, and it’s free. If you find something you wish to pursue, just contact us. We will get right back to you with the information you need!